With GameTrust, GameStop Plans To “Revolutionize The Game Development And Distribution Process”

With GameTrust, GameStop Plans To “Revolutionize The Game Development And Distribution Process”
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Here comes the big news. GameStop has started its own publishing wing, GameTrust. At this division, the retailer will, as of now, handle titles from its existing partners – Insomniac Games, Ready At Dawn, Tequila Works and Frozenbyte. By coming up with a publishing division, GameStop wants to make it easier for video game players to find Indie Games which they may otherwise not even spot.


After the big move, Mark Stanley, GameStop VP of Internal Development & Diversification spoke to GameSpot about GameTrust and what the company aims to do with the publishing division. While during the release, the company has clearly mentioned that the program will “revolutionize the game development and distribution process.”

How will they do it? By “giving developers another option to help bring their games to market, leveraging GameStop’s leadership in the retail channel (including marketing and more) to help bring games to a larger audience,” writes GameSpot.

Coming back to the interview, when asked about the creative control over the games that come out of GameTrust, Stanley said, “We do not involve ourselves in the creative process, because at the end of the day, that is what our developer partners are passionate about.”  He further added, “By allowing developers to fully focus on their craft, GameTrust can focus on all other aspects of bringing a new IP to market, leveraging our deep expertise and retail channel leadership to support each developer and connect their games with a broader global audience.”

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He has also stated that the marketing spend as well as the investment will vary according to the project. By launching GameTrust, GameStop plans to support games designed for different platforms: digital, PC, console and physical. You will able to buy GameTrust’s titles in all of the GameStop’s retail stores as well as on Steam, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, the eShop, etc.

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