‘Game Of Thrones’ Walk Of Shame: Muslims Strip 70-year-old Woman Naked After Affair Rumors

‘Game Of Thrones’ Walk Of Shame: Muslims Strip 70-year-old Woman Naked After Affair Rumors
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A famous scene from Game Of Thrones Seasons 5, the Walk of Shame, has come to life when Egyptian Muslim men stripped a 70-year-old woman naked over rumors that her son had an illicit affair with a Muslim woman.


Not only that, according to a report from Reuters, after dragging the woman out of her house and stripping her clothes off, they had looted then burned the woman’s house. The men went on looting six more residences in the same neighborhood before setting the houses on fire.

The incidents rooted from a rumor that spread in the community in Minya that the woman’s son, a Christian, had an affair with a Muslim woman. Sensing a potential harm, the man fled with his wife. The woman, who requested anonymity, did not expect that the men would vent out their anger towards her.

Minya is one of the oldest Christian settlements in Egypt, just south of Cairo. It is home to the majority of Egypt’s Christian minorities, which is only about 10 percent of the country’s 90 million population, the Times of Israel reported.

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“They burned the house and went in and dragged me out, threw me in front of the house and ripped my clothes. I was just as my mother gave birth to me and was screaming and crying,” the woman told Reuters.

Eyewitness accounts show that the woman was dragged outside of her house and stripped naked on the street. The woman has identified at least three men behind the incident.

The Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Thursday issued a statement condemning the attack saying those who are responsible must be brought to justice. The President already mandated local officials to rebuild all the damaged houses at the government’s expense.

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