Game of Thrones Season 7 Rumors: Who is Jon Snow’s Twin Sister?

Game of Thrones Season 7 Rumors: Who is Jon Snow’s Twin Sister?
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Game of Thrones Season 7 could see of the fan theories, which have been lingering around for quite sometime, coming alive. Many believes Meera Reed is Jon Snow’s twin sister and the theory might just be proven true in the upcoming season.


Jon Snow’s mystery sister has been a subject of contention since Season 2, when Daenerys Targaryen came across a number of visions at the House of the Undying. The visions included one of her brothers, Rhaegar, saying “The dragon has three heads.”

The concept of the three-headed dragon can be observed throughout the Game of Thrones. Not only does Daenerys has three dragons, namely, Rhaegal, Drogon, and Viserion, the Targaryen house also bears the symbol of a three-headed dragon. Aegon Targaryen, an ancestor of Dany, and his two sisters conquered Westeros riding on dragons, the Week reported.

This was interpreted by the Game of Thrones fans to be the three riders for Daenerys’ three dragons needed to conquer the Iron Throne, with Daenerys herself being one of the riders. Now that it is already known that Snow is a Targaryen, he could be one of the riders. According to fan theory, the third one is Meera, while another line of thought believes it is a brother, Tyrion Lannister.

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According to a report by Digital Spy, when Lyanna entrusted a baby Snow to her brother Ned Stark, the only other person present at the Tower of Joy was Meera’s father Howland Reed. It is possible that after handing over her first baby to Ned, she gave birth to another child, which has not been revealed yet.

Ned may have pleaded with Howard to accept the second child as his own, as he himself pretended to be Snow’s father to protect him from the Baratheon and Lannister armies.

When asked about the possibility of the characters being actually twins, actress Ellie Kendrick said, “I genuinely don’t have any idea as we don’t get told anything! I don’t know. I think people might just be thinking that because we’ve both got curly hair. In the books, our characters are described quite differently.”

She added, “Hey, I’d love it to be true because it would mean great things for my character, but I’m holding back on speculation for now.”

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