‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Spoilers: Arya Still Blind, Series Lands Awards

‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Spoilers: Arya Still Blind, Series Lands Awards
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Game Of Thrones season 6 is just around the corner, and the visual effects team, actors, and actresses have swarmed awards nights by storm. In fact, Daenerys and Drogon’s scene during “Dance of Dragons” earned an award at the 14th Annual Visual Effects Society Awards. Furthermore, Arya Stark’s Maisie Williams also revealed that her character remains blind in season 6.


Game of Thrones landed several awards last night at the 14th Annual Visual Effects Society Awards ceremony. The visual effects production team received ample amounts of awards, especially relating to that scene where Daenerys was defended by Drogon in the Daznak Pit, reports Watchers on the Wall.

The “Game of Thrones: Dance with Dragons” season was awarded by VES with an Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photoreal Episode award. The scene was commended by the society for its intelligent digital incorporation of Drogon despite the scene having been utilized with a flame thrower attached on the rear of a spinning crane. In fact, the animation instilled into the scene looked surreal since it coincided with the character’s movement.

The production crew responsible for the award was led by Visual Effects Supervisor, Joe Bauer, with the support of visual effects companies such as Rodeo FX, Image Engine, and Rhythm and Hues.

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Spoilers below!

In other news, Vulture reports massive spoilers for GOT’s latest season with respect to the character Arya Stark. Actress Maisie Williams was interviewed during Entertainment Weekly’s SAG Awards party last Friday. “I was so confident at the end of the last [season], like, Oh, [wearing them] was fine, I can’t wait, but it’s been actually a bit of a task.”

What was she referring to? Ah, yes! Arya Stark will remain blind in the upcoming season. Given that, she was made to wear painful contacts to magnify the character’s blindness. In fact, she posted a photo of herself when she remedied her painful eyes on Instagram.

Williams added, “They’re very painful, they’re like huge and they’re very thick. Pretending to be blind is much easier when you actually can’t see anything. So I did actually love them. For close-ups and stuff it was great, but for wide shots I was like, ‘Can we take them out? Is that okay?’”

Arya Stark initially lost her eyesight last season when she returned to the Hall of Many Faces while on a quest to put an end to Meryn Trant. Because of such, the contacts Williams had to wear were creepy and, as she revealed, she couldn’t see anything while they were on. Poor Williams.

Catch Game of Thrones season 6 on HBO this April 24, 2016.