‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6: Maisie Williams On Playing Blind Arya Stark

‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6: Maisie Williams On Playing Blind Arya Stark
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Game of Thrones season 6 premiere wasn’t merciful to Arya Stark at all. She had been blinded and cast out from the House of Black and White, and while begging in the street, she gets beaten with a stick. Talk about unfair.


But Arya Stark isn’t a stranger to the cruel reality of life. Ever since her father was beheaded, she has been struggling to survive. Now, with her new hope in Braavos in tatters after disobeying the Faceless Men, everyone wants to find out what’s in store for our little wolf girl.

In a recent interview, The New York Times asked Maisie Williams about her role as Arya Stark and how she will fare as the series progresses. Regarding Arya’s current situation, Williams said that this is the first time Arya needs to put her faith in someone. Ironically, that someone is the same people who placed her in a helpless position, and she doesn’t have a choice.

This the point where Arya’s skills are honed. After spending an entire season poisoning people, cleaning bodies, and sweeping floors, she will now evolve into one of the Faceless Men. This season, Arya will finally realize that seeking revenge is not all fun and games; it’s not all about having a kill list and crossing out people in every possible way. Arya will finally get the skills she wanted when she first saw Jaqen kill all those Lannister men in Harrenhal.

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Although many will find her character boring in the earlier part of the season, this will change as her training intensifies. Fans wonder if this will be a challenge due to her character’s blindness, but Williams reveals that, thanks to part of her costume, it is not difficult as many think.

Williams ended the interview saying that this is Arya’s second chance. There will be episodes that will be hard to watch as Arya suffers like never before. This is all necessary, and she will ultimately triumph. The Arya we will see in future Game of Thrones episodes will be a force to reckon with, able to turn every disadvantage into an advantage, and she will do it in a big way.

According to Screen Rant, Maisie is thankful for Game of Thrones. At first, her only goal was to buy herself a laptop, but now, she is able to pay for her dance lessons as well as help in her family’s finances. She admitted that without the show, she would be “living in a spare bedroom in London trying to get by in next to nothing.”

She also revealed that if ever an opportunity came along for her to become a dancer, she would leave acting in a second. Although “Water Dancing” might be a form of swordplay, we hope this will be good enough reason for Maisie Williams to never leave Game of Thrones.

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