‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6: Kit Harington On Jon Snow 2.0

‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6: Kit Harington On Jon Snow 2.0
Kit Harington Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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Game of Thrones fans were excited to finally see Jon Snow return from the dead. Unfortunately, the only thing we saw him do is gasp desperately for air, but actor Kit Harington said that it is about to be remedied in the upcoming episode.


According to his interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kit Harington revealed that his character is now a changed man. He revealed that at first he was worried that he would return to normal; if he does, then there would be no point in his death.

Fortunately to him and to everyone, Kit Harington said that things really do change for Jon Snow. There is a scene where Melisandre asks him a question about what he saw during the time he was dead and he replies, “Nothing, nothing at all”.

This should not be a surprise to Melisandre and to fans, since Beric Dondarrion, another resurrected man, told her that there is only darkness after death. Beric even revealed earlier in Game of Thrones that after every resurrection, he lost part of his memory.

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TIME reported that this will change Jon Snow and will make him value his life a bit more, since he knows there is nothing waiting for him after death. Not that it would diminish his leadership skills; he might think twice before taking on a White Walker mano a mano.

Although this might also have an opposite effect. Since he can be brought back, he might take his life for granted. Much like how Beric Dondarrion challenges the house to a duel, knowing full well how skillful he is in battle.

Whatever the effect the resurrection has on him will be pivotal in the events to come. With Ramsay solidifying his hold on the North, and the White Walkers more or less taking care of any resistance left Beyond the Wall, he is needed now more than ever.

Watch Game of Thrones Episode 3 this Sunday exclusively on HBO.

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