‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Episode 1 Recap: Jon Snow Is Really Dead?

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Episode 1 Recap: Jon Snow Is Really Dead?
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“Game of Thrones” season 6 has finally aired and if you’re unlucky enough to miss it or didn’t set your DVR then this is for you. This is a recap of everything that happened on episode one “The Red Woman” if you want to know what happened before the encore read on.


WARNING: SPOILER ALERT (Again, This is a RECAP, Guys.)

Jon Snow Dead? 

The show began with Jon Snow lying in the (forgive the pun) snow as his direwolf Ghost howls as if aware of the fate of his master. Ser Davos Seaworth, still in Castle Black after knowing Stannis’ demise checks what is bothering the direwolf and sees Jon is a pool of his own blood. He and Ed along with other men loyal to Jon bring him to a room along with Ghost.

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Melisandre joins as well, Ed knows that it was Ser Alliser Thorne who murdered Jon and Thorne himself admitted it to the Night’s Watch although he was not alone. Davos urges the Ed and the others that Jon wouldn’t want his friends to die for nothing and advice them to ask the wildlings for help as they also owe their lives to Jon Snow.

Ramsay Needs Sansa’s Baby?

We then travel to Winterfell where Ramsay Bolton is standing in the bed where her lover, Myranda, is lying dead after being thrown off the rampart. Ramsay swears to avenge her but Roose Bolton reminds Ramsay that without Sansa to provide him with an heir, they will lose their grip on the North. And without an heir, Ramsay’s position as the heir to House Bolton might be given to the child of Roose through Walda Frey if it is indeed a boy.

Will Theon and Sansa Be Caught? 

We then see Theon and Sansa being chased by Bolton men and Ramsay’s hounds. They waded across an icy river to throw away their pursuers but were eventually cornered. Theon fought the pursuers and was almost defeated when Brienne and Podrick arrived they killed the all the Bolton soldiers after which Brienne swore an oath to Sansa, the same oath she swore to her mother.

Fear The Queen’s Wrath

In King’s Landing, Cersei is informed that ship from Dorne has arrived. She travels to the harbor only to see Myrcella, who was poisoned in “Game of Thrones season 5, arrive covered in a golden shroud. Jaime and Cersei mourn their daughter’s death and she informs him of the witch’s prophecy. Jaime comforts Cersei saying that they will retake everything that was taken from them.

A New War

Back in Dorne, Ellaria Sand and Prince Doran are talking in a somewhat relaxed manner which was unusual since the death of Oberyn. Just as Doran sat the maester brought a note telling the prince of Myrcella is death. It was then that Ellaria and her daughter kill Doran, the captain of his guard, and the fleeing maester.

Ellaria tells Doran that the people of Dorne abhor his inaction in the deaths of Ellia and Oberyn emphasized by the inaction of his guards. His son is also killed by Ellaria’s daughters, speared through the neck by Obara. This could mean a new war in “Game of Thrones.”

Can Margaery Be Freed? 

Margaery Tyrell is still imprisoned as Septa Unella demands a confession. She asks about her brother Loras but receives no answer from her. The High Sparrow gives her a visit telling her about Tommen and asks her to confess. She denies any wrongdoing but the High Sparrow warns her that she has started on a path and has many more miles to go.

In Mereen, Tyrion and Varys walk the streets giving money to a freed slave. The streets are strangely empty as they follow former slaves who want to listen to a red priest of R’hllor. Just as Varys assures Tyrion that his “little birds” have already taken flight a fire erupts in the city.

Where is Daenerys?

Jorah and Daario are tracking Daenerys when they arrived at a hilltop with and find burnt ram skeletons. As they continued, they saw a wide area of trampled grass at the center they find Daenerys’ ring and assume that she has been taken by the Dothraki.

Meanwhile, Daenerys had indeed been captured by the Dothraki and is brought to Khal Moro. She reveals that she is the widow of Khal Drogo saying that she burned his body and demands she be escorted back to Mereen. Khal Moro refuses and informs her that as a widow of a khal she will be returned to Vaes Dothrak, which she hasn’t seen since Game of Thrones season 1, to spend her days with the widows of other khals.

Arya Stark Blind Forever? 

In Braavos, Arya Stark, now blind, is begging in the streets when she is approached by Waif. She tosses a staff to Arya and forces her to fight. Arya refuses, saying that she cannot see but is forced to fight as Waif keeps on hitting her with the staff. She beats up Arya and leaves her saying that she will be back the following day.

The Red Woman

Back in Castle Black, Ser Alliser negotiates with Ser Davos and the others who have holed up in the room. Thorne promises to pardon the men with him as well as providing Davos a horse and food to ride south. Davos replies that they will discuss the terms and give an answer by nightfall. Davos knows from experience that all of the terms are empty promises. The men are worried but Davos tells them to trust the Red Woman because he has seen what she can do.

We then see Melisandre stare at herself in the mirror contemplating. She then proceeds to strip her clothes and her necklace. When she did she turns into a very old woman after which she goes to sleep.

Where Do We Go From Here?

That is all for now. After months of waiting, we finally return to Westeros and although we are yet to see Jon Snow return from the dead, there is still much more to expect from “Game of Thrones” Season 6.

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