‘Game Of Thrones’ Releases New Photos From ‘Oathbreaker’

‘Game Of Thrones’ Releases New Photos From ‘Oathbreaker’
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Game of Thrones has released a new set of photos for this week’s upcoming episode, “Oathbreaker.” As always, with every release, it is up to fans to guess what’s in store for the characters.


Watchers on the Wall reported that HBO has released a new set of photos from the third episode of season 6. The stills show scenes featuring Arya, Daenerys, Tyrion, The Three-Eyed Raven, Bran, and Davos, as well as reveal the first season 6 appearance of Gilly and Samwell Tarly.

HBO has released the synopsis for the third episode late last month. It says Daenerys will meet her future, Bran will meet the past, Tommen will confront the High Sparrow, Arya trains to be No One, Varys finds an answer. And finally Ramsay gets a gift.

Tech Insider has compiled the newly released photos and has written a short description of the characters’ roles in the upcoming episode. It includes a troubling photo of a returning character that will make you wonder what he will bring to the table in Game of Thrones season 6.

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We are talking about the disgraced maester Qyburn, the man behind Cersei’s new enforcer Ser Robert Strong. A still shows him in a room with a group of children, possibly new subjects for experimentation. God knows what horrible deeds will be done driven by Cersei’s unstable emotions and Qyburn’s lack of morals.

Unfortunately, there are no photos showing the newly resurrected Jon Snow, even though the trailer seems to show his perspective as he walks inside Castle Black. The only photo that shows his apparent resurrection is the one where Ser Davos has a surprised expression on his face.

These new teaser photos are definitely overshadowed by the episode’s promo clip, which shows Ned Stark battling Ser Arthur Dayne. Nonetheless, it does add a bit more to the hype as more revelations are set to be revealed this Sunday on Game of Thrones episode 3.

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