‘Game Of Thrones’ Recap: Ramsay Bolton The Evilest Man In Westeros

‘Game Of Thrones’ Recap: Ramsay Bolton The Evilest Man In Westeros
Ramsay Bolton from Game of Thrones / Facebook Image Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO
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Ramsay Bolton seems to be literally getting away with murder, though his actions are overshadowed by Jon Snow’s revival. After adding his father, stepmother, and baby stepbrother to his list of victims, he is definitely the vilest man in Westeros.


According to the Daily Mail, Jon Snow is alive, and his revival is definitely the talk of the town. Sadly, the same cannot be said for House Bolton, with Roose, Walda, and their newborn son murdered.

After Sansa Stark’s escape from Winterfell, Ramsay Bolton lost his father’s favor. She is the only person that can legitimize his rule, and with her gone, the loyalty of the northern lords will remain with House Stark.

After the maester confirmed the birth of Roose’s new son, it is clear what course of action needs to be taken. Even as his father hugs him and assured that he is the firstborn son, he stabs him and asks the maester to send for his stepmother.

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Walda Bolton, who believes it is his husband that sent for her, seems uneasy after seeing her stepson. He asks to see his stepbrother, to which Walda reluctantly complies, after which he leads them to the kennels where the “Bastard’s girls” can be heard barking loudly. Growing more fearful as both of them go deeper into the kennels, Walda holds her newborn son more tightly.

He shuts the gates behind them and ominously tells his stepmother that he is Lord Bolton. In perhaps one of the most horrible acts committed in Game of Thrones, he lets the hounds loose on them.

With him the only remaining member of House Bolton, there is no one that can challenge his rule. With the remaining northern lords having lost their armies in the Red Wedding and House Karstark becoming his ally, he now firmly holds the north in his hands.

Ramsay Bolton and his acts of cruelty have finally surpassed those of his predecessor, Joffrey. Proving that no one is safe, not even his family, the new Warden of the North is definitely the worst character in Game of Thrones.

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