Game Of Thrones Halloween Makeup, Costume Ideas: White Walker Mask Online And Make Up Tutorial

Game Of Thrones Halloween Makeup, Costume Ideas: White Walker Mask Online And Make Up Tutorial
The White Walkers/Twitter

“Game Of Thrones” Halloween costume is in, now that Halloween is fast approaching. This year, the White Walkers from the HBO hit series is taking over.


So, a White Walker costume, complete with the makeup and mask makes a great idea for Halloween.

Who Are White Walkers

The White Walkers are known to be an ancient race of humanoid ice creatures. They live Beyond the World in Westeros where the Lands of Always Winter prevails, according to Game Of Thrones Wikia.

The “Game Of Thrones’” White Walkers are slightly different from the novel “A Song Of Ice And Fire.” The television adaptation is based on the said novel by George RR Martin.

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Where to buy the White Walker masks online?

The White Walkers have been named as the most visually iconic creatures of the show by Aaron Souppouris of The Verge. The “Game of Thrones” White Walker Mask which costs $59.99 is already soldout in the HBO online store, The Verge reports.

The latex mask has been officially licenced by the HBO. It is “based on hundreds of on screen and behind the scenes images and personally approved by the Producers at HBO,” according to the website.

Another option for the White Walker costumes for Halloween is the one available to buy on eBay. The ‘White Walker Zombie Undead Adult Halloween Mask Action Moving Mouth’ is available to buy for $54.95 with an additional $32.95 for shipping of the mask.

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Besides, eBay also gives an option to return the White Walker mask within 30 days with money back guarantee. However, the flip side of it is the buyer has to pay for the return shipping.

The only thing about this mask is the feature that makes the jaws move, which is not available in the HBO mask. But, the good news is that the Game Of Thrones White Walker mask is available on Amazon for $44.12 plus $11.99 for shipping.

Besides, Amazon also has the ‘Trick or Treat Studios Men’s Game of Thrones-Night’s King Mask.’ It is available for $49.99.

White Walker Makeup Tutorial

Now, when the mask is sorted, check the White Walker Halloween makeup tutorial by Pinkstylist below. Besides, the videos by NsomniaksDream and Elsa Rhae can also be taken into account for makeup.


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