‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Reactions To Red Woman Revelation Better Than Episode Itself

‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Reactions To Red Woman Revelation Better Than Episode Itself
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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1 was supposed to be about Melisandre reviving Jon Snow with her powers, or at least, that’s what fans expected. “The Red Woman” did reveal something about Melisandre’s powers in the most shocking way possible.


Fans of the series have always been creative when it comes to making sad moments of the show turn into pieces of comedy gold. Take Ned Stark’s death, for example. Who knew a character’s death could spawn a whole family of internet memes? Twitter exploded with reactions to Melisandre’s naked revelation.

In a report by The Mirror, Game of Thrones fans compared Melisandre’s secret to real-life circumstances. With tweets like “Can’t believe Melisandre is Gollum’s mum,” to “Tinder vs. Real Life,” and “When ‘bae’ takes off her magic necklace,” it is obvious that fans were definitely surprised – in a good way.

Vulture revealed clues that should have tipped off fans about Melisandre’s age. Her origins, collection of powders and potions, and constant burning of infidels could have been a factor in maintaining her beautiful appearance. She even spoke to Thoros of Myr, a fellow priest or R’hllor, in a manner that hints of her superiority to him.

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Although the scene in The Red Woman points to the necklace as the source of Melisandre’s youthful appearance, some have questioned it. They point to a scene in season 4 where Melisandre is taking a bath without her necklace. Whatever the source of her power is, nobody would look at her the same way again.

Fans’ reactions were surprising to the creators of the show. Theories regarding her necklace being the source of her powers have been discussed for a long time. Even Carice van Houten, who plays Melisandre, said that she will be a 400-year old woman in the show. Their reaction definitely was not expected, considering the amount of hints pointing to the reveal.

No matter what happens to Melisandre, the scene will be embedded to the minds of Game of Thrones fans. The scene where Stannis haves sex with The Red Woman will never be the same again.

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