‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Episode 5 Spoilers: Children Of The Forest Made The White Walkers

‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Episode 5 Spoilers: Children Of The Forest Made The White Walkers
Children of the Forest from Game of Thrones / HBOGO

“Game of Thrones” is merely hours away and the hype surrounding the fifth episode is through the roof. It is rumored that this episode will finally show the origins of the White Walkers and apparently the Children of the Forest had a hand in their creation.


HBO released new stills earlier this week from the upcoming fifth episode. One of the photos shows a Leaf with others of her kind surrounded by large rocks in a place with a landscape resembling that of the north.

Interestingly, the rocks seem to be following a pattern similar to Stonehenge which could possibly mean that the site was a shrine for the Children of the Forest. This is strange since the only ones who were revealed to use shrines for their rituals in ‘Game of Thrones‘ were the White Walkers as seen when the Night’s King turned Craster’s child into a Walker.

It is known that Leaf’s kind can use powerful magic, this was demonstrated when she rescued Bran from wights using explosions. As the Walkers are considered magical beings made from humans it can be concluded that they were made by the only magical beings in Westeros at the time.

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What reason could Leaf and her kind have to create the Walkers? Why would they create something that was capable of wiping out their race? The reason is the only thing that makes people desperate enough to risk everything: war.

The Children of the Forest were the first inhabitants of Westeros so there was no reason for conflict and everything was peaceful. Then the First Men arrived and began slaughtering them in huge numbers. Desperate, they created the Walkers to help them in the war and not long after both sides laid down their arms.

This might explain how they defeated them in the Long Night as well as why the wights were unable to enter the lair of the Three-Eyed Raven. Leaf and her kind might have some knowledge regarding the Walkers, unlike the First Men who were, according to Jon Snow, trying to run away from something.

If Leaf and her people did create the White Walkers, Bran might get valuable information from her on how to fight them when the time comes. Watch ‘Game of Thrones’ this Sunday to find out.

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