‘Game Of Thrones’ Episode 10 Spoilers: Mad Queen, Jon Snow Parents, Dorne

‘Game Of Thrones’ Episode 10 Spoilers: Mad Queen, Jon Snow Parents, Dorne
Winds of Winter from Game of Thrones / HBO

“Game of Thrones” Season 6 Episode 10 is only days away and after the huge success of “Battle of the Bastards,” expectations are high. Titled “Winds of Winter,” the episode will conclude season 6 as well as set the stage for season 7 next year.


So what can we expect from the longest episode in the show’s history? With the fragile peace created by Tywin Lannister dying with him, the finale will be ushering in a new and bloody phase to the War of Five Kings.

Mad Queen

With her trial imminent, Cersei Lannister is going to cause something that will delay her trial indefinitely.

The most popular theory is that she will ignite the wildfire hidden under King’s Landing as seen from Bran Stark’s vision.

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After the Battle of the Blackwater, Tyrion Lannister must have hidden the leftover wildfire having seen its devastating effects. His efforts to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands have failed, however.

Earlier in “Game of Thrones” season 6, Cersei ordered Qyburn to investigate something. He later reports to her saying that “There is much more” which could possibly refer to the wildfire left over from the battle.

Will Cersei Lannister become the Mad Queen? Will her decision prove to be a disastrous move for the Crown?

Bran Stark Finds Out The Truth About Jon Snow

According to the Daily Dot, Rob Aramayo who played young Ned Stark will be returning in episode 10 ‘Winds of Winter‘. It can be assumed that Bran Stark will revisit the Tower of Joy incident and find out the truth.

Unlike before, he will not be accompanied by the Three-Eyed Raven and will also have the knowledge that he can change the past. Will we finally find out the truth behind Jon Snow’s parents and prove the R + L = J theory?

Will his discovery prompt him to use his Greensight powers to redo the mistakes of the past? Will his meddling cause the very events he wants to prevent?


‘Game of Thrones’ has shown little love for the Dorne plot devoting only a single episode showing the extinction of House Martell. According to iDigitaletimes, the finale will once again take a look at the region in the wake of Prince Doran’s demise.

Episode 10 will likely show Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes taking control of Dorne. With the Dornish army still intact and Ellaria’s hatred for the Lannisters, war could possibly be brewing south of King’s Landing.

Catch ‘Game of Thrones’ episode 10 ‘Winds of Winter’ this Sunday 9 PM Eastern Time only on HBO.

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