‘Game Of Silence’ Season 1 Premiere: Exposing The Dark Side Of Youth Detention Facilities?

‘Game Of Silence’ Season 1 Premiere: Exposing The Dark Side Of Youth Detention Facilities?
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NBC’s forthcoming American drama TV series “Game of Silence” was originally slated to premiere in April 7, 2016. However, the TV series was later revised to make way for the reality television singing competition “The Voice.” “Game of Silence” Season 1 will then premiere on Thursday at 10:00 p.m. in April 14, 2016.


As reported by The Salt Lake Tribune, “The latest drama series ‘Game of Silence’ of the Television broadcasting company is not a game. For 25 years, a group of boyhood friends kept secret the fact that they were abused in a youth detention facility. But the trauma resurfaces, and it’s connected to the former warden/now lieutenant governor and all sorts of conspiracies. It’s less about justice than revenge, and it’s less gripping than it ought to be.”

David Hudgins of “Friday Night Lights” collaborated with Carol Mendelsohn of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” as executive producers of “Game of Silence.” On NBC’s Winter Press Tour, executive producer Hudgins stated the he “fell in love with this amazing show that had incredible heart.”

Hudgins’ description of the show is enough to entice people to watch. “Each one of these Game of Silence characters has a secret. In most cases, it’s about how the characters are trying to survive and get through and get by and get on with their lives,” he said.

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It has been reported by Parade that “Game of Silence” season 1 cast include Australian actor David Lyons, who will portray Jackson Brooks, Michael Raymond-James, who will play Gil Harris, and Larenz Tate, who will play Shawn Polk.

Also in the “Game of Silence” cast is 35-year-old actress Bre Blair, who will play Jessie West, television actor Conor O’Farrell, who took on the role of Warden Roy Carroll, and film actress Deidrie Henry, who will be the show’s Detective Liz Winters.

NBC confirmed that Sony Pictures Television and Universal Television will produce “Game of Silence.”

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