‘Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow Targayen Identity: Why Did Ned Stark Lie?

‘Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow Targayen Identity: Why Did Ned Stark Lie?
Jon Snow from Game of Thrones / HBO

“Game of Thrones” fans have been asking questions ever since the identity of Jon Snow’s parents were revealed. Their queries ranged from his real name, his place in the line of succession, and why Ned Stark decided to lie about him.


To most, it would have been logical for Lord Eddard Stark to at least tell his wife. It would have saved them years of heartache and Jon would not have lived as an outsider all his life.

Why Did Ned Stark Lie About Jon Snow?

But the risk of his nephew’s identity being revealed made Ned decide otherwise. Yes, his wife would keep his identity secret and love the boy but that would arouse the suspicion of people around them.

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Many notable men of Westeros know Ned Stark, he is one who puts honor above all. When Catelyn married him, she knew her husband would never betray her and when he did she was devastated.

Now, what if Lady Catelyn knew the truth, what will others think? If she is seen caring for a boy that was supposed to be a symbol of her husband’s infidelity it would definitely cast doubt on her husband’s story.

Jon Snow’s Real Parents

“Game of Thrones” revealed that hiding Jon Snow’s identity was Lyanna Stark’s final request to her brother. She feared for his life as Robert Baratheon vowed to kill every Targaryen he gets his hands on.

As the child is the only reminder of his sister, Ned chose disgrace over family. He would rather incur the anger of his wife than risk someone finding out Jon Snow’s true identity.

It could be the reason why he was also reluctant to talk about his nephew’s mother. Other than the pain of remembering Lyanna’s death, it also takes a toll on him to keep lying to his friends and family.

Jon Snow is A Targaryen

Jon’s Targaryen ancestry might also be the reason why Lord Eddard was strongly against killing Daenerys Targaryen. He might not have wanted to tell his nephew that he has no other Targaryen relatives when the time comes.

In the end, Jon Snow is now King in the North partly due to his uncle’s lies. Believed to be Ned Stark’s son, he now rules the north as the head of House Stark.

What will happen if somehow he is revealed to be Lyanna’s son and carrying Targaryen blood?

Find out when “Game of Thrones” season 7 premieres next year.

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