‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory: Arya Stark Fakes Death In ‘No One’

‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory: Arya Stark Fakes Death In ‘No One’
Arya Stark from Game of Thrones / HBO
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“Game of Thrones” Season 6 episode 7 showed Arya Stark falling victim to The Waif and despite escaping death, gravely wounded. But why is she wandering the streets of Braavos on broad daylight knowing that the Faceless Men are after her?


It’s all according to her plan, says one theory.

According to Mic, the theory points out to the moment when she is climbing the bridge, another girl passes by her wearing a strikingly similar dress and hairstyle back when she took the identity of Lana. They believe that the Faceless Men’s victim was not the real Arya Stark.

Perhaps she was able to put her mask on another girl in order to throw them off her trail. With the Faceless Men believing that she is dead, she could leave Braavos in peace without fear that they would follow her back to Westeros.

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According to another theory from Reddit, even if it was Arya Stark who was stabbed, it was all just for show. Redditor passingwisdom believes that she enlisted the help of Lady Crane as a “thank you” for saving her life in “Game of Thrones” episode 6 and helped her obtain some props to fake her death.

Whichever theory proves true; the objective is still the same, to lure out The Waif and confront her. This time, however, she will have Needle with her and also the element of surprise as she believes that Arya is dead.

The trailer released by HBO for No One shows a chase scene in the streets of Braavos although it is unclear who is chasing whom. Judging from the title, the entire Faceless Men plot could culminate in episode 8 and Arya will finally return to Westeros.

Whatever happens in No One will show what she has learned in the time spent in the House of Black and White. Catch ‘Game of Thrones’ episode 8 this Sunday only on HBO.

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