‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoiler: Benjen Stark Returns In ‘Blood Of My Blood’

‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoiler: Benjen Stark Returns In ‘Blood Of My Blood’
Benjen Stark from Game of Thrones / HBO
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“Game of Thrones” fans might have said goodbye to a beloved character from season 1 but there is a possibility that they might be reunited with another face from season one. A Reddit user has theorized how Benjen Stark might be the saving grace that rescues Bran and Meera from the pursuing wights in “Blood of my Blood.”


The last time we saw the First Ranger of the Night’s Watch was in Castle Black engaging in a conversation with Yoren and Tyrion. He then embarked on a ranging with a few other brothers of the Watch, after which he never returned.

After HBO released the promotional video for “Blood of my Blood,” fans have renewed hope that he will return to the show. The short video showed Bran and Meera still being chased by wights despite the heroic sacrifice of Hodor.

Suddenly a man on horseback carrying a torch is seen slaying the wights. There is a strong chance that this is the missing Benjen Stark considering that wildlings do not own horses and almost all of the horses from The Great Ranging were slaughtered at the Battle of the Fist.

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Stark surviving for 5 seasons beyond the wall is not impossible; this has been proven by Qhorin Halfhand. Additionally, his body was never found nor shown as a resurrected wight, which means he could still be out there Beyond the Wall.

Aside from telltale signs from the show’s promo, Reddit user StarfishSamurai revealed real life hints of the First Ranger’s return. Joseph Mawle‘s IMDb profile in “Game of Thrones” says Brother Beyond the Wall, possibly a hint of his current location.

There could be a very good reason why he has remained North of the Wall all this time and it was revealed in the previous episode. Way back in season one, Stark’s companions in his ranging were killed and brought back to Castle Black after which they turned to wights.

There is a big chance they had an encounter a White Walker in their ranging, from which only the First Ranger managed to escape. As we all saw in ‘The Door,” Bran was touched by the Night’s King and in his return the magic that protected them was nullified.

This could be the reason why Benjen Stark has not returned to the Wall. The wall was created by the ancestors of the Starks, Brandon the Builder, with magic specifically to ward of the White Walkers after the long night. He might have been touched by a Walker and knew that should he go south of the Wall, the structure would lose its protective magic.

With “Game of Thrones” revealing more about the mysterious White Walkers, many of the mysteries regarding the events beyond the Wall are starting to be answered. Watch “Blood of my Blood” this Sunday only on HBO.

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