‘Gambit’ Movie Release Date Delayed? Producers Copying ‘Deadpool’ Approach

‘Gambit’ Movie Release Date Delayed? Producers Copying ‘Deadpool’ Approach
Channing Tatum Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC by 2.0

Gambit is another Marvel superhero that the world wants to see in a movie, but it looks like comicbook fanatics will have to wait a bit longer.


In an effort to ensure that the uncanny mutant comes out as perfect as possible, Simon Kinberg is not taking any chances of releasing a Gambit movie for the sake of, well, coming out with another X-Men related personality.

Learning From ‘Fantastic Four’ Debacle

As far as 20th Century Fox is concerned, everyone knows the fate of the rebooted Fantastic Four. The movie bombed out in the box office and Kinberg may have that in mind. Deadpool scored despite being a mid-profile hero and Gambit is being groomed to follow the same.

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What Is Holding Up Gambit Movie?

Kinberg admits that they are taking an extra careful approach on the Channing Tatum starrer. That includes finding the proper tone for the movie seeing how ‘uncanny’ the character is.

Gambit is best known as Remy Lebeau, a gambler, womanizer and scoundrel that seems pretty tough to depict. He is technically an anti-hero and such is why Kinberg is approaching it carefully.

Fans Wont Wait 10 Years For Gambit Movie

With the conservative approach, Kinberg assures that seeing the Gambit movie will not take 10 years to make. Most are curious on when this could be, with most wondering how he fits in with the uncanny X-Men once the next installment comes around.

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Unlike other Marvel superheroes who have hit the big screen, Kinberg is presumably taking the safe route. It already has a big name star in Tatum but that is nothing if the big screen rendition fails to hit off well with viewers – particularly the ones who followed the animated series and comic books.

With that said, there is no Gambit movie timetable for now. The best fans can hope for is that the hold-up is worth the wait.

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