Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, iPhone SE Price Discounted Already; Get Them At Walmart

Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, iPhone SE Price Discounted Already; Get Them At Walmart
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Did you ever imagine that you will hear about discounts on newly launched Galaxy S7 and iPhone SE price so soon? I was expecting the devices, especially Galaxy S7, to offer discounts at the time of Thanksgiving and year end. But to everyone’s surprise, Walmart is already offering a price cut on these phones along with other Apple and Samsung products. Read on for details about pricing:


Walmart is offering $100 off on all the iPhones including the latest 4-inch iPhone SE and $150 off on all Samsung phones including Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7. That means you are getting iPhone SE for just $299. Where to get these phones at discounted prices? Walmart’s online store? No! The offers are valid only at the physical stores. Wait! That’s not all. Here is what you need to know about the deals to get discounts on Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and iPhone SE price.

Here is what Gotta Be Mobile wrote about the discounts on Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and iPhone SE price,”If you want to save, you will need to be on AT&T, Verizon or Sprint, and you will need to buy the iPhone on an installment plan. That means you’ll save $100 to $150, but you will still make payments monthly. All the payment plan options offer 0% interest so you don’t pay financing fees.” The site further wrote, “Unlike a contract you can leave the carrier whenever you want, but you need to pay off the phone payments before you do. You can also pay off the phone payments and upgrade at any time.” So, if the discounts look irresistible to you, you must also be ready to settle down with the plans the said carriers are offering. We know how they have already been fighting to pull customers by offering different upgrade plans to Galaxy S7 customers and now Walmart has given them a chance to pull even iPhone SE’s potential buyers. It is up to you which carrier to choose for the phone you wish to own.

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