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Galaxy Note 7 Second Recall Happening? ‘Safe’ Unit Explodes Again, LG Mocks Samsung

Galaxy Note 7 Second Recall Happening? ‘Safe’ Unit Explodes Again, LG Mocks Samsung
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Galaxy Note 7 Second Recall Happening? ‘Safe’ Unit Explodes Again, LG Mocks Samsung

While the Galaxy Note 7 recall was on for the best part of the month, another incident of an exploding Galaxy Note 7 happened as passengers were boarding a flight at Louisville Airport on Wednesday. The incident prompted an evacuation.

This latest incident of an exploding Note 7 happened during the boarding process of a Southwest flight No. 994 bound for Baltimore at Louisville International Airport.

According to The Verge there were no injuries as all the crew members and the passengers deplaned.

The most important point to worry is that the phone which exploded was a replacement Note 7 unit from Samsung. It was “supposed” to be safe. Brian Green, the owner of this replacement phone confirmed that he picked up the new phone from AT&T store on 21st September. The black square symbol in the box itself shows that it was a replacement phone and it had a green battery icon. Will a Galaxy Note 7 second recall underway?

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Green said that the phone’s battery was 80 percent of its capacity when the incident occurred. He had been using a wireless charger since he brought the phone. Could this latest exploding incident further affect Samsung’s image and branding?

LG is not staying away from this popular Galaxy Note 7 saga and has joined in with its own remarks. LG has started to send messages to its users living in India with the messages on their phones that mock Samsung.

According to PhoneArena here is the message that is received by Indian customers on the occasion of the big festival ‘Diwali’:

Have you heard the news of exploding products? We ensure safety of our most valuable asset i.e YOU and at LG, our products go through multiple tests. Have a safe Diwali with LG products.

Let’s see how Samsung reacts to the crisis. In the meantime, share your comments below.

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