Galaxy Note 5 Active – Samsung To Launch New Waterproof Smartphone

Galaxy Note 5 Active – Samsung To Launch New Waterproof Smartphone
Photo Credit: TechStage via Compfight cc
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It would be apt to say it’s raining smartphones from Samsung. The brand has recently launched Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ phones, and news of another phone coming to the market is already circulating.


The latest from Samsung is said to be a combination of stylus and phone, just like Samsung phones used to be when they first got popular.

The company is known to have different versions of the same phone with a slight change in the name. Following its own trend, after Galaxy Note 5, Samsung is said to be launching Galaxy Note 5 Active – a waterproof device with a larger battery. Rumored to be launching in November, the phone will also have a display measuring 5.7 inches.

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Samsung’s smartphone history

In a live-streaming event, Galaxy Unpacked 2015, Samsung launched two new smartphones, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung S6 Edge+, both targeting two types of audience: the multimedia consumers and the multi-taskers.

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No doubt these phones offer advantages to meet the needs of customers, but considering the smartphones launched in the past, there’s nothing that cannot be said to be failing to meet consumer needs. It is true that with Samsung, every new phone becomes better, but no phone can be considered extraordinary. This time, too, the brand agreed to launch only better versions of their previous phones – nothing more than that.

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The brand’s priority is to beat Apple anyhow, due to which the company is coming up with a wide range of smartphones with bigger screens and modified bodies. We hope that these changes, even if minor, will have a range that has enough to meet the needs of every smartphone user.