Usain Bolt Memes: Gold Medalist Wins Over Netizens

Usain Bolt Memes: Gold Medalist Wins Over Netizens
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Usain Bolt won gold at the 100-m dash event, but social media users went gaga with funny Internet meme of the athlete. The fastest man alive was captured on camera by an Olympic photog cheekily grinning away, while competing.


The Jamaican track star broke into a mischievous grin during the semi-final. He then turned back just to realize that he was way ahead of his rivals.

The stunning action image was captured by Getty Images photographer Cameron Spencer. It went viral and sparked a series of hilarious spoofs on Twitter, Huffington Post reports.

Usain Bolt, meanwhile, went on to win the Olympic final in 9.81 seconds on Sunday. This is the 29-year-old’s third gold medal in the big ticket event for the third consecutive time.

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One of the best memes so far is by talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. The 58-year-old took to her twitter and shared an image of her riding piggyback on Usain Bolt’s back. “This is how I’m running errands from now on. #Rio2016,” she wrote on the picture of the smiling Bolt.

However, the tweet was seen by many users as racist, while some others interpreted it as comical.

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Now something about the photographer who clicked the shot of Bolt. Cameron Spencer was not even stationed at the 10-meter dash event.

It was the moment when Lady Luck smiled on him. Spencer was attending to his duty at the high jump event.

It was when he came on a break that Bolt was running and his colleagues would have the best shots being stationed at the best places.

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Spencer’s trick for clicking the best picture was going to the 70-meter mark of the track, and using a slower shutter speed to get the blur effect, Yahoo Sports reports.

“I took a risk,” he said. The Getty photographer clicked six pictures one after the other and discovered one shot of Bolt smiling.

Spencer ends off with lighter note: “Running with him after he wins? That’s hard work.”

Check the actual photograph and all the hilarious memes of Usain Bolt here:

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