Full Throttle Saloon Destroyed By Fire

Full Throttle Saloon Destroyed By Fire
Full Throttle Saloon Jim Accordino / Flickr CC BY 2.0

A South Dakota saloon that bills itself as the “world’s largest biker bar” was engulfed in flames early Tuesday morning. According to New York Post, the fire could have been exacerbated after it struck the adjoining distillery that contained 500 gallons of grain alcohol.


Crews and personnel from six fire departments responded to the call of the fire, which came in at 12:17 a.m. Tuesday. 9news reported that the intensity of the fire was so much that it was through the roof by 12:45 a.m. The lone occupant in the premises was not hurt and managed to escape.

Sturgis Assistant Fire Chief Shawn Barrows said the heat and smoke could not allow firefighters to step inside the bar. “We tried making access through the west side walk-in doors, but they were locked,” Barrows said. “We came around to the front-side garage doors on the north side of the building and cut a hole in it to make entry to the building.”

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By 3 a.m., the entire bar had collapsed and was on the ground.

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Highway 34 that runs in front of the scene of the incident was temporarily closed.

According to KBHB Radio, the bar featured zip lines, musical stages and rental cabins. It was also part of a television reality series, “Full Throttle Saloon,” whose first season aired in November 2009.

“Eleven years of my life burned up right here,” Dean Mauldin, saloon employee, said.

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