‘Frozen 2’ Update: Elsa And Rapunzel Are Twins?

‘Frozen 2’ Update: Elsa And Rapunzel Are Twins?
Photo Credit: indigoskye via Compfight cc
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Does “Frozen” have a close connection with “Tangled?” According to a fan video, this might be the case. Anna may not be the real sister of Elsa. On the other hand, there is high chance that Elsa is the real sister of Rapunzel as they have many things in common. “Frozen 2” may explore the theory.


Anna does not have the icy powers of Elsa. As far as locations are concerned, they are not far from each other. They belong to royal families and they are from the same era. It is possible that the royal families have gotten close at a certain point in time. It can well be that they are genetically connected to each other. These are two Disney princesses who have magical powers. They have blue eyes, blonde hair and many similarities.

“Frozen 2” may or may not give answers to the question, but their magical reviving power gives raises our eyebrows. At the end of Frozen, Elsa revives Anna and gives her life. The same power was seen from Rapunzel in the movie “Tangled.”

Rapunzel has received her power from her mother, but it is not quite evident how Elsa received it. It is evident that both Rapunzel and Elsa are of the same age, according to the timeline of the movies. So are they actually twins? Possibly, as the fan states it. At the end of “Frozen,” there was a crossover between the stories. Will it be seen once again in “Frozen 2?”

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Frozen 2 will bring in more surprises as the princesses have grown up. They have their new wardrobe. There will be social issues to be tackled in the movie. The movie will be in cinemas in 2018.

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  • Athena

    Elsa does not Revive Anna… Anna revives herself by the act of true love… -_-