‘Frozen 2’ Sparks Twitter War: Keep Queen Elsa Single!

‘Frozen 2’ Sparks Twitter War: Keep Queen Elsa Single!
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“Frozen 2” has now sparked a Twitter war among LGBT supporters and conservatives, between those who want to see her with a boyfriend and those who want to see her be a girlfriend. But some would rather see Elsa without a partner.


For weeks now, there is a campaign for Disney to make Elsa the first ever LGBT Disney princess and give her a girlfriend on “Froze 2”. It was not long before Conservatives heard about the campaign and exerted effort to rally against it.

Right now, Twitter users hoping that the hashtag “GiveElsaAGirlfriend” will get Disney to provide better LGBT representation on its animated movies is facing a hard battle against Twitter users, mainly members of Citizen Go, who would rather see Elsa with a Prince. They are behind the new hashtag #CharmingPrinceForElsa.

Both sides believe that what Disney decides for Elsa can have a huge impact on society. For those who want to give Elsa a girlfriend, they believe that a lesbian Elsa can teach kids that love comes in many forms, as reported by the Independent UK. They shun the criticism that they are espousing a gay agenda and making kids “gay.” They also said it is high time that kids see Disney films that are more in line with the times. Gay people after all, are here, and here to stay.

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For those who want to see Elsa with a Prince Charming on “Frozen 2”, majority believe that that making Elsa a lesbian will be harmful to kids. They made a petition for Disney to give Elsa a boyfriend, and has already garnered over 65,000 signatures, as reported by News Everyday.

While the two groups fight for what they believe, there is a third group making their feelings known. For them, Elsa being single is perfect. She does not need a boyfriend nor a girlfriend. A single Elsa will also be in line with the times and relatable to many girls. There is now a petition to “Keep Elsa Single.” The hashtags ‪#dontgiveelsaagrilfriend and ‪#keepelsasingle are now trending.

According to this newest petition, “Frozen” already “taught kids and adults alike that life doesn’t just revolve around romance, and that people don’t need romantic love to succeed.” In short, Elsa does not need a girlfriend nor a boyfriend, she just needs to be her.

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  • Thant Yati Hsu

    To tell truth, I really think Elsa and Jack would be perfect. But in reality, they actually have the least probability to be together since Elsa is from Disney and Jack is from Dreamworks. It would be great if the two companies worked together but that would never happen cause they are the greatest enemies in the world of animation. Sure the couple looks nice but will disney and Dreamworks ever work together? If they don’t, I think Elsa would be better off independent than end up with a lousy prince or a snowman. I mean, seriously Disney, every time a princess shows up, they meet man they’ve never met, falls in love at first sight, and always end up with that person which is so not logical. So, why not let her go to be alone herself when she is saying “Let it go”?!!

  • Colter Denison

    Please pass this message around. As some of you know already, a sequel to the mega hit film “Frozen” is in the works. The first film involved the main character Queen Elsa of Arendelle whom struggled with controlling and hiding her powers from the people of her kingdom. Elsa’s story had resonated with many viewers whom struggled with issues, such as mental illness, special needs, being gay and/or lesbian, holding beliefs and ideals, that most of society today have little knowledge or tolerance of, which is one of the reasons the film and franchise has become one of the most popular in our recent history. I strongly relate with the film’s main character because I struggled with Autism and a permanently altered voice since I was a child, but I was able to “Let it go” and was able to not just survive in this world, but thrive beyond all expectations. I am a college graduate, am currently employed, and have plans for my future. I see the film’s premise as a message for helping people whom are unfairly labeled with all types of stigmas, regardless of what they may be. However, there is a great deal of people that feel that Elsa’s powers and dilemma was a thinly veiled message for promoting homosexuality, and are currently pressuring Disney and the writers and producers of Frozen 2 to have Elsa directly come out as a lesbian. Others have recently pushed back wanting Elsa to be paired up with a Prince Charming. But to me either way would greatly hurt the magic from the first film that resonated with so many people from so many backgrounds, such as me with my autism. Elsa became a strong, independent young woman after conquering and overcoming her fear by discovering that love was the answer to bringing her powers under her complete control, which inspired so many people in the real world whom suffered with different stigmas to overcome their fears and show the world whom they are. So many fans of the film, such as myself, strongly feel that if those responsible for making and writing the sequel cave in to the demand of either the LGBTQ lobbyists or those whom want Elsa to be with a prince, then they will have ignored the other groups of peoples that love the first film. So instead of being exclusive to one societal stigma while excluding all other groups, I feel that Elsa’s story should be kept as an inclusive metaphor that will resonate with all people whom are struggling with today’s societal stigmas.

  • Blueappleheart89

    Thant yati Hsu I totally agree what you just said was so true I also really think that Elsa and Jack would be perfect together at the Frozen 2 sequel but like you said was true even though that Jack Frost was from Dreamworks and Elsa is from Disney but like what you say is true it would be great if the two company of DreamWorks and Disney Animation Studio company can work together to make into a love romance movie between Elsa and Jack Frost besides a lot of fans would love to see Elsa and Jack Frost in the Frozen 2 movie but like you said is true Elsa needs to choose her own path her own decision she does not need a lousy Charming Prince she can just have her own freedom and like you said is true she she needs to just let it go and let Elsa choose what she likes for example she would choose Jack Frost as boyfriend and girlfriend for a good reason although it would be nice if a lot of people will buy some merchandising of Jack Frost and Elsa doll including 2 limited edition doll of Jack Frost and Elsa for the movie think about it but yours is way more better 100% awesome ideas.