Fried Rat Head In Popeyes Chicken: Mom Furious Daughter Was Served Disgusting Meal (PHOTOS)

Fried Rat Head In Popeyes Chicken: Mom Furious Daughter Was Served Disgusting Meal (PHOTOS)
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A woman claimed that Harlem Popeyes had served her daughter and a sister with a rat head when they ordered chicken meal.


The woman, Rosemary Thomas, took to Facebook her disgust narrating her daughter and sister’s experience who ate at the popular foodchain Sunday. She posted some of the disturbing photos of what appeared to be a rat’s head that has been breaded and deep-fried.

Rat Head in Popeyes Chicken

Thomas, who obviously appeared furious by her posts, said she already reported the incident to some local media, but the company is yet to contact her as of her latest post. The Popeye Louisiana Kitchen, a Louisiana-accented chicken fast-food chain, has headquarters in New York, NY.

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The woman said her daughter didn’t eat anything the whole day after the incident, adding that she fears that it might have an impact on her daughter’s life. She said she literally get nauseous by just looking at the photos of the alleged rat head.

Daughter Traumatized

“I know this will have an effect on her for a long time. Yesterday she ate nothing all day. All she kept seeing was the rat. The worse thing she ate the crispy part which might have been a blessing in disguise cause she would not have seen the head,” Thomas wrote in response to one of the commenters on her original post Sunday.

Thomas added that the crews or people in Popeyes must have been aware about this considering that the rat head is far from being any parts of the chicken.

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“I can only think other people might have eaten rat,” she added.

By Wednesday, Thomas’ post has gotten almost 200,000 shares and mainstream media outlets have already reported the same incident over the past three days.

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