Friday The 13th Is Coming, And So Is This Mysterious Object From Space

Friday The 13th Is Coming, And So Is This Mysterious Object From Space
Blood Moon Denali National Park and Preserve/Flickr CC BY 2.0

A mysterious object from space is landing on Earth on Nov. 13, a Friday. The eccentric movement of the object sparked fear to some people, saying it could be sign of the end of times.


Friday the 13th has planted a deeply-seated, unyielding, fear among people. Catholic believes the crucifixion of Jesus Christ took place on a Friday the 13th. Another belief that planted terror among people was that hundreds of Knights Templar were arrested and burned in France on Oct. 13, 1307, as popularized by author Dan Brown in “Da Vinci Code.”

A mysterious occurrence will be added to the already long list as to why Friday the 13th is feared by some. As confirmed by experts at the European Space Agency, a puzzling object, dubbed WT1190F, will reenter Earth around 06:19 GMT on Nov. 13, 2015, a Friday the 13th.

The object is orbiting Earth every three weeks in a highly eccentric non-circular orbit, ESA said. WT1190F was first mistaken as an asteroid hitting the Earth. However, as more data were retrieved, the object’s density is found to be more compatible to an object with a shape of a hollow shell, such as the spent upper stage of a rocket body launched in space, Detlef Koschny said. Koschny is leading the program that aims to further investigate the WT1190F. Experts now concluded that the mysterious object may have been a part of rocket launched in space and finding its way back to the planet.

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The mystery surrounding WT1190F has sparked various conspiracy theories and end of times prophecy – once such theory is from YouTube video uploader TheGroxt1. In the video, first reported by the Express UK, the video maker said WT1190F could be a sign from God that Earth is nearing the time in the Bible when the revelation 18 millstone comes. “The Revelation 13 Beast rises out of the sea and this asteroid is supposed to land in the sea, or what’s left of it, and it happens on Friday the 13th November, which is like the third one this year,” TheGroxt1 said in the video.

For scientists at ESA, however, the coming of WT1190F is a chance to understand the reentry of satellites and debris from highly eccentric orbits. “It provides an ideal opportunity to test our readiness for any possible future atmospheric entry events involving an asteroid, since the components of this scenario, from discovery to impact, are all very similar,” astronomer Marco Micheli said.