Fresh: Magnetic Charging Dock For Apple Watch Is On Sale

Fresh: Magnetic Charging Dock For Apple Watch Is On Sale
Apple Watch raneko / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Yes! The magnetic charging dock for Apple Watch is on sale. You can buy it from Apple’s website for $79. The dock allows you to charge you smartwatch either on its side or flat. As per Apple’s website, the dock will be available in Apple retail stores from November 20.


The magnetic charging dock will come with the Lightning to USB Cable. The charger can charge 38mm as well as 42mm models. As mentioned on the Apple’s site, the dock “uses the same inductive charging connector that comes with Apple Watch.” The company has beautifully designed this white charging dock. It has a magnetic charging ring positioned in the center which pops out so users can charge their watch in two ways, on its side or flat with straps open.

When you charge it on its side, the watch will activate nightstand mode. In this mode, the watch will display battery information, date, time and alarms. You can also snooze your alarm by pressing the crown 0f the watch. Just a day before the launch, a video was leaked showing the magnetic charging dock where the dock is unboxed and put into action.

A story published on Apple Insider says that the magnetic charging dock is already available in some Apple Stores. Here’s what the site mentioned: “A tip received by AppleInsider, meanwhile, suggests that the device is on sale at the Covent Garden Apple Store in London for £65 ($99).”

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