French Montana’s “No Shopphing” Song Featuring Drake Takes a Dig at Joe Budden?

French Montana’s “No Shopphing” Song Featuring Drake Takes a Dig at Joe Budden?
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Drizzy and OVO Sound Radio premiered the full version of French Montana’s “No Shopping” featuring Drake on Saturday.


The track produced by Noah “40” Shebib and Murda Beatz will be included in French’s forthcoming album MC4, which will be released on August 19. The album is a sequence to 2013’s “Excuse My French.”

The snippet, which was released in May, created a stir, as it was being contemplated as a dig on Joe Budden, since his verse opened with “pump, pump it up,” which was being drawn as a reference to Budden’s 2003 hit “Pump it Up.”

“Pump, pump, pump it up, she got a good head on her, but I pump it up / I’m not a one-hit wonder, they know all my stuff / You let me turn into the nigga that you almost was,” Drake rapped on over the track from MC4.

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From his past records, it is clear that Budden is not too chilled about diss tracks of any form, direct or subliminal. He launched “Making a Murderer (Part 1),” which has lines like “Kids got no respect/All because you call me for the whole check on every hoe you check,” and “all of this just because I wasn’t in love with his VIEWS,” Complex reported.

Budden also dropped “Wake,” which blew another shove at Drizzy, within a few days of releasing “Making a Murderer (Part 1).” It took Drake 16 days to come up with a response and Budden could not help throwing shots at French Montana on Twitter for taking so long. First came a meme and then a third diss track within a few hours, called “Afraid,” the hook for the track has been done by Drake himself, the Hiphop DX reported.

However, this is not the first time that Montana collaborated with Drake. According to a report by the Pitchfork, they have previously worked together on 2012’s “Pop That.”

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