Formula One News: Michael Schumacher Recovery Update

Formula One News: Michael Schumacher Recovery Update
Michael Schumacher celebrityabc / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

Recent reports indicate that Formula 1 racing legend Michael Schumacher is still facing a long road to recovery following a skiing accident last December 2013.


When former Ferrari chairman Luca de Montezemolo was asked recently about how Schumacher is doing, the answer was not optimistic as fans would hope. During a recent interview with the press, Express reports that Montezemolo remarked, “I have news and unfortunately it is not good.” Nonetheless, the medical team looking after Schumacher around the clock are feeling optimistic about his recovery.

The team is composed for 15 medical experts who are providing care for the racing legend who reportedly remains immobile and unable to speak. The cost of caring for the seven-time world champion is said to have risen up to more than £150,000 a week and so far, his recovery has a total of around 20 million pounds. Schumacher’s daily care involves monitoring his vital signs, preventing bedsores and washing him. As Schumacher goes through a long process of recovery, his family, especially his wife Corinna, remain hopeful that he will recover.

The Formula 1 legend had an unfortunate skiing accident on December 29, 2013 during a holiday in the French Alps. He was said to have sustained “severe brain injuries” following the accident and was initially placed in a medically-induced coma. Schumacher also spent months under intensive care of the Grenoble hospital before he regained consciousness. Following this, the racing legend was moved to a hospital that was closer to his home in Lausanne. And in early September, Schumacher had managed to return to his home to continue his recovery.

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Last year, FIA President and close friend Jean Todt remarked, “Michael is still fighting, and we must keep fighting with the family.” According to a report from NDTV Sports, Todt had managed to ask Pope Francis to pray for Schumacher’s recovery when he visited to discuss the “Save Kids’ Lives” campaign. Pope Francis happily agreed to pray for the racing champion’s recovery.

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