Formula 1: Vladimir Putin Slams Nico Rosberg For His ‘Job’?

Formula 1: Vladimir Putin Slams Nico Rosberg For His ‘Job’?
Vladimir Putin President of Russia / Website CC by 4.0

As far as awkward encounters go, Nico Rosberg’s recent moment with Russian President Vladimir Putin may be one for the books. And some say it could have been avoided altogether if Rosberg had just decided to shake his hand first.


The awkward moment happened after Rosberg cross the checkered flag and became the winner of this season’s Russian Grand Prix. As the top three drivers gathered together in the room ahead of the ceremonies, Putin decided to join them along with his interpreter.

According to a report from Black Flag, it looked like Putin felt ignored when Rosberg entered the room and proceed to shake Kimi Raikkonen’s hand while ignoring the presence of the president altogether. The Mercedes driver then proceeded to remove some of his gear as he faced the couch with his back on Putin the whole time. Putin, meanwhile, simply looked on. His presence in the room seemed quite awkward altogether.

At some point, however, Rosberg finally acknowledged Putin’s presence, but that didn’t mean things went on smoothly between the two. On the other hand, it seems it may have gotten worse.

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As Putin and Rosberg shook hands, the interpreter asked Rosberg, in Putin‘s behalf, “Do you like it here? Is everything alright?”

To which Rosberg answered, “Yeah, everything was good. It’s a great track, and they’ve done a great job. … F1 is growing in this country.”

Putin extended a bit flattery to Rosberg through his interpreter, remarking, “Yes, exactly. Thanks to you.”

Rosberg modestly answered, “Oh, we try.”

Had the moment ended right there, one could say that tension between the two men may have already eased. The problem was, Putin wasn’t done with Rosberg yet. The Russian president then had his interpreter say, “You and your colleagues, sincere thanks to you. Different segments, different sections of this sport have started to develop in Russia and people take pleasure in watching you do your job, if you can call it a job.”

It seems Rosberg didn’t what to say next so he just commented, “You have some great Russian drivers, as well.” Never has a moment for a Formula 1 winner been more awkward and, strangely enough, diplomatic.

Despite this encounter backstage, though, the two still managed to do their jobs onstage. Putin went on to give Rosberg his trophy. It remains to be seen if the two will ever speak again.

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  • M1k3G

    As a huge fan of F1, I agree with Putin. If I could get a ride in a F1 car, I wouldn’t consider it a job either. Getting paid millions to drive a F1 car is like being paid for having fun.

  • Marcus Grant

    what exactly was wrong in this phrase – “people take pleasure in watching you do your job, if you can call it a job.” ? – he meant that most distingvished people do things not just for money (a job) but they just follow their devotion to what they are doing – for example like a poet who writes poetry not for money but to express himself…

    • Gleb Malyugin

      Exactly… If you love your job, you never have to work a day in your life. But Jennifer didn’t quite get it.

  • Rade Martinović

    I was wondering why wouldn’t Putin speak in German when he speaks it almost like native.

  • Russki

    First, the author should spell-content check his “creation”, sounds like an article written in a rush to be one of the first to just write some nonsensical illogical crap..second, amazes me, are there still people out there that enjoy reading this sort of stuff, absolutely about nothing – as long as its…putin? seems like the dumbest ones even tired of this garbage