Formula 1 Updates: Ferrari Gets Kimi To Smile, Michael Schumacher Ex-Manager Speaks Out

Formula 1 Updates: Ferrari Gets Kimi To Smile, Michael Schumacher Ex-Manager Speaks Out
Photo Credit: p_c_w via Compfight cc

The Scuderia Ferrari team must be doing something right. After all, it managed to get a smile from Kimi Raikkonen. As the entire Formula 1 community knows, it is hard to get a smile out of the champion Finnish driver, much less a smirk.


Recently, the Ferrari team took to its official Twitter account to show a short video clip of Raikkonen undergoing seat fitting for what they call his “new office.” So far, not much is known about the team’s Formula 1 2016 car, only that it has been codenamed 667 and that it roars magnificently.

Moreover, the team has reportedly been working hard on the car since the last season ended in Abu Dhabi. Reports indicate that the Maranello-based team even chose to keep working throughout the holiday season.

Based on a recent interview, it seems Ferrari is looking to return to its champion ways slowly but surely. According to a report from Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne has told Gazzetta dello Sport that he believes the team can secure the F1 world championship title again come 2018. Otherwise, Marchionne says it would be a “tragedy.”

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Meanwhile, as Ferrari continues to prepare for the 2016 season, the Formula 1 world and fans continue to think about Ferrari driving legend Michael Schumacher. Recently, Schumacher’s ex manager Willi Weber expressed his thoughts about how rarely updates are being given on the seven-time champion driver’s condition.

Weber says fans would be “happy” if they receive an “honest” update regarding Schumacher’s current condition following his 2013 skiing accident. Meanwhile, he added, “It would also help the people with whom Michael worked all these years better cope with the situation.”

Express reports that Weber had previously been prevented from seeing Schumacher by his wife, Corinna. But in contrast to Montemozolo’s grim outlook on the Formula 1 legend’s recover, Weber says Schumacher has shown “small encouraging signs.”

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