Formula 1 Rumors: Ferrari Roars 2016 Power Unit, Schumacher Jr. To Join Team

Formula 1 Rumors: Ferrari Roars 2016 Power Unit, Schumacher Jr. To Join Team

The Scuderia Ferrari team knows how to tease fans. Recently, it offered a peek of its brand new power unit via a teaser video posted on its official Twitter page. The thing is, you can’t see how it actually looks like. Nonetheless, fans are treated to the magnificent sound of the engine’s roar that tells you Ferrari is going to be more competitive since it last won the constructor’s championship in 2008.


Nothing much has been announced about Scuderia Ferrari’s car for the season yet, really. All everyone knows is that it has been codenamed 667 and that the team has been working on it tirelessly in its factory in Maranello throughout the holiday season.

Recently, technical illustrator Giorgio Piola offered some analysis regarding changes Ferrari is looking to do on their car to make it more competitive. Among these will be the adoption of variable inlet trumpets that would give better tuning of air/fuel mixture during combustion as well as a shorter nose, narrower gearbox, narrower “coke bottle” rear end and first-time use of pushrod front suspension.

The mood surrounding this team is one of cautious optimism. According to a report from, the Maranello-based outfit has been anxious throughout the Christmas season. “We’re working very hard, we’re very tense, we’re terrified because we’re afraid of the future, so we’re not relaxed, “ Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene explained.

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Meanwhile, it seems Ferrari may soon be working with another Schumacher if current rumors are true. Mick Schumacher, also fondly called Schumacher Jr., is said to be making a play to join Ferrari-linked team Prema. According to a report from Wheels 24, it seems Schumacher Jr. managed to impress Prema team boss Angelo Rosin.

“Mick did a very good job in his tests for us. We are very interested in working with him in the forthcoming season,” he said. However, recent reports also suggested that the 16-year-old may opt to stay in Formula 4 and delay his entry into the European F3 series for another year instead.

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