Formula 1 News: Sebastian Vettel Says It’s ‘Too Early’ To Give Up On Championship, Kvyat & Verstappen Scheduled To Appear Together In Spain

Formula 1 News: Sebastian Vettel Says It’s ‘Too Early’ To Give Up On Championship, Kvyat & Verstappen Scheduled To Appear Together In Spain
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Sebastian Vettel says it’s “too early” to give up on a world championship this season. According to the four-time world champion, “We’ve only had four out of 21 races.” Moreover, Autoweek reports that the Ferrari driver told Sport Bild magazine, “I cannot remember someone saying the championship is over after four races. Whether you’re talking about me or Nico Rosberg, it is simply too early.”


Meanwhile, Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne has told Motorsport that Ferrari will start winning the race in Spain this weekend. He believes it’s just a matter of luck. Once it happens, Ferrari would have no problem beating Mercedes to the checkered flag. As of the moment, Vettel ranks fifth in the driver standings following a race mishap in both China and Russia. Meanwhile, teammate Kimi Raikkonen ranks third.

Max Verstappen and Daniil Kvyat set to make an appearance together in Spain. After being asked to switch teams with each other, Verstappen and Kvyat are set to appear together during an upcoming press conference on Thursday in Barcelona. Meanwhile, Friday’s press conference with team bosses will also feature Red Bull’s Christian Horner and Ferrari’s Maurizio Arrivabene.

Lewis Hamilton asks fans to trust his team. The reigning world champion may not be having much luck in the races lately, but that doesn’t mean he’s pissed off with his team. Even Sun reports that some of his title-winning mechanics were transferred to Nico Rosberg‘s team this season.

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To set things straight, Hamilton took to his Facebook page to appeal to fans. He explained to them, “This is my family. These guys have been the greatest, hardest working people for me, and that is why I am now three-times world champion.”

Hamilton continued, “Please don’t put any more thought into my team doing anything unjust towards me, and understand that it would be in no-one’s best interest for that to be the case.”

New Baku circuit all set for a June track debut. FIA’s Formula 1 race director Charlie Whiting has completed his inspection on Tuesday, and he ruled that the new Baku Circuit will be ready in time for the 2016 Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe come June. The said track will become F1’s newest street circuit. It features a seaside boulevard where cars can be expected to hit speeds of as much as 340 km/h.

Heineken set to come in as a Formula 1 sponsor. Heineken is about to become the latest sponsor of the motorsport as a report from autoevolution reveals that the beer maker is eyeing a five-year deal with Formula 1. The said deal is supposed to be worth $150 million with Heineken getting “significant trackside presence.”

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