Formula 1 News: Rain Expected During China Race Weekend; Johnny Herbert Takes Dig At Fernando Alonso Again?

Formula 1 News: Rain Expected During China Race Weekend; Johnny Herbert Takes Dig At Fernando Alonso Again?
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Experts have spoken, and rain is to be expected in Shanghai in time for Chinese Grand Prix weekend.


Last year, Pirelli remembers that the weather had been sunny when they last arrived at the Shanghai International Circuit for last year’s Chinese grand prix race weekend. Track temperature was between 40.3 to 46.6 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, air temperature was between 20.5 to 22.2 degrees Celsius. This year, track conditions may be very different.

According to Formula 1’s meteorological partner UBIMET, there will be mixed conditions on the track in Shanghai this year. Teams and drivers can expect to see clouds on Friday, but conditions will be mostly dry with temperatures reaching a maximum of 21 degrees Celsius.

On Saturday, Shanghai is expected to experience “periods of rain” with some scattered showers and thunderstorms expected in the afternoon.

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It means that slick conditions can be expected on track during qualifying, the first one wherein Formula 1 will be reverting to its 2015 format. Temperatures will be expected to reach a high 24 degrees Celsius. Come race day, however, UBIMET expects track condition to be dry, and the weather to be mostly sunny, with temperatures of up to 20 degrees Celsius.

Ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix race weekend, McLaren’s Fernando Alonso has been busy training as he remains optimistic he will be able to get back in his car for this weekend’s race. Following the accident in Melbourne which left him sidelined during the Bahrain Grand Prix, former Formula 1 driver and now television commentator Johnny Herbert has said in a statement that Alonso should retire from the sport.

“I know things have changed as far as the cars are concerned, but as far as performance is concerned we haven’t seen this two-time world champion that everyone says is the best. I don’t see it,” explained Herbert.

Following these remarks, Alonso confronted Herbert in the middle of a live telecast. When Herbert asked Alonso if he was retiring, the two-time world champion responded, “No, I’m a World Champion. You ended up as a commentator because you weren’t Champion.”

Recently, however, Herbert has emphasized that Alonso should consider retirement. During an interview with Marca after his confrontation with the Spaniard, Herbert said, “I understand his [Alonso’s] reaction, but I haven’t changed my mind. He no longer represents the future of this sport, and neither do others like Jenson Button or Kimi Raikkonen.”

Moreover, he said that the future of Formula 1 now rests in Nico Rosberg, Max Verstappen, Carlos Sainz, Sebastian Vettel and defending world champion Lewis Hamilton. In fact, Herbert recently interviewed Hamilton for a Mercedes video entitled “How to drive like an F1 World Champion.”

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  • Michael Ryan

    So Johnny at what point between 31 (Hamilton) and 34 (Alonso) do drivers become irrelevant? What a pillock.

    • Yeah, lost all respect towards that guy right there. Who is he to decide when someone should retire? He himself won three races during his entire 11 years as a Formula 1 driver, all of his wins came as a result of technical problems and crashes of other drivers.

  • Pan oRoya

    This article, when launched by the Win 8 news aggregator app (on SP2) is identified repeatedly as malicious. Same article via Chrome browser doesn’t trigger the alert.