Formula 1 News: Michael Schumacher Recovery & Rumors

Formula 1 News: Michael Schumacher Recovery & Rumors
Michael Schumacher celebrityabc / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

It has been some time since Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher met an unfortunate skiing accident that left him in serious condition. Since then, rumors have swirled about his progress while family, friends and fans continue to urge him to “keep fighting.”


News surrounding Schumacher have become grim recently when former Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo had said in a press interview that news surrounding the seven-time Formula 1 champion “is not good.” According to a report from Reuters, however, Montezemolo did not give any further word about Schumacher’s current condition to reporters.

Meanwhile, Sabine Kehm, Schumacher’s long-time manager, refuses to comment on any rumor surrounding Schumacher’s condition. Kehm had issued an  official statement on the F1 driver back in May 2015. At that time, she said that Schumacher “is making progress,” but cautioned that he still has a long way to go “given the severity of his head injuries.”

Meanwhile, Schumacher’s former team partner and boss Ross Brawn as well as FIA President Jean Todt remain optimistic about the former F1 driver’s condition. Both share a remarkably close relationship with Schumacher and both stressed the need to “keep fighting with the family.”

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Schumacher had been vacationing in French Alps when he got into a skiing accident last December 2013, which caused him to sustain “severe brain injuries.” Following the accident, he was placed in medically-induced coma as he spent months in an intensive care unit in a Grenoble hospital. He eventually regained consciousness, allowing him to move to a hospital that is located closer to his home in Lausanne. Eventually, Schumacher managed to return to his home where he continues to recuperate from his injury.

Following his accident, Schumacher’s family issued a statement saying, “We remain confident and hope the best for Michael. Your strength is helping us to keep supporting him.”

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