Formula 1 News: Magnussen Says Kvyat ‘Lost His Mind,’ Vettel Says Comparing Ferrari’s Start Last Year Is Unfair, & More

Formula 1 News: Magnussen Says Kvyat ‘Lost His Mind,’ Vettel Says Comparing Ferrari’s Start Last Year Is Unfair, & More
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Kevin Magnussen believes Daniil Kvyat lost his mind when the Russian crashed into him during the Monaco Grand Prix. The Renault driver believes that Kvyat simply “lost his mind” when he crashed into him at the La Rascasse mid-way at the Monaco track. The crash immediately caused Kvyat to retire from the race.


Meanwhile, Magnussen managed to continue racing until he crashed into a wall and damaged the front wing. Today, the Danish driver is simply focusing on the upcoming race in Canada.

“Montréal should be a stronger track for us and should play to the strengths of the updates for the car,” he told Grand Prix Times.

Sebastian Vettel says comparing Ferrari’s starting performance this year to last year’s is unfair. They are yet to win a race this season, but the four-time champion said that to compare Ferrari’s season start from last year to how they’re performing this year is unfair.

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Vettel explained to Autosport, “Last year, we were in no man’s land.” Today, one of Ferrari’s strategies is to get qualifying right so they can have a better chance in winning the race. Meanwhile, Vettel still believes the team could have won in Monaco.

Mark Webber believes Daniel Ricciardo will “bounce back.” The former Formula 1 driver said that it may be hard when things are not going your way despite best efforts, but believes Red Bull’s Ricciardo will be just fine.

“He’s the form driver of the year in terms of the performances he’s delivering and he can’t do any more than that,” he told Somerset Live.

Jolyon Palmer gets new chassis for Canada following Monaco crash. After crashing the barriers hard during the Monaco race, Renault Technical Director Nick Chester has confirmed that Palmer’s car will get a new chassis in time for the Canadian Grand Prix.

Moreover, the change will be relatively easy for Renault. Chester explained, “Fortunately, [chassis] 04 was pretty far along on its build so we only needed to complete fuel cell installation and wiring for it to be ready for Canada.”

Sergio Perez declares he’s at the top of his game. Fresh off a podium finish in Monaco, the Mexican driver is feeling pretty good. Recently, he remarked, “I am at the top of my game right at the moment. I have improved a lot as a driver since I came into Formula One and I hope that one day I will be able to lay my hands on a competitive car to show what I can do.”

Asked what else his team, Force India, could use to remain competitive, Perez said, “Money! As simple as that.”

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