Formula 1 News: Kimi Raikkonen Fine With Being Passed By Vettel, Former Renault Boss Says Fernando Alonso In ‘Luxury Retirement’ At McLaren

Formula 1 News: Kimi Raikkonen Fine With Being Passed By Vettel, Former Renault Boss Says Fernando Alonso In ‘Luxury Retirement’ At McLaren
Fernando Alonso
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Kimi Raikkonen says being passed by Sebastian Vettel during the inaugural Baku race was fine. The world champion Ferrari driver believes the end result would have been the same either way since he had a penalty.


What he admitted to Fox Sports, however, is that he regrets losing time when he moved over for his teammate. “There was nothing wrong with the decision itself, it’s just that we could have managed to do it losing slightly less on my side.”

Former Renault boss Flavio Briatore thinks Fernando Alonso is having a “luxury retirement” with McLaren. The man who helped jumpstart Alonso’s career during his early days with Renault is saying the Spaniard should have never decided to leave Ferrari. Briatore blamed himself partially for urging Alonso to sign with McLaren, according to a report from

“It was even a little my fault, as I advised him to sign because I thought McLaren would be able to fix things quickly. Looking at the results, there is not much more to say,” he explained. The 34-year-old is expected to remain in McLaren for another season.

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Red Bull will no longer continue development of Aeroscreen in anticipation of next season’s ‘halo’ requirement. The team said it has decided to stop working on it while waiting for some further direction from the FIA, Formula 1’s motorsport governing body.

According to a report from F1 UK, Red Bull boss Christian Horner admitted that when it comes to the Aeroscreen, they are low on resources and budget. “We don’t have the resource nor capacity to continue the development on it. Plus somebody also has to pay for it,” he explained.

Vettel says risk is a “key part” of excitement in Formula 1. For the four-time world champion, there will always be an element of danger in the sport, especially when it encourages cars to lap at top speeds.

“The cornering speeds we can do are incredible and that has remained one of the main pillars throughout. To some extent the danger as well, because that’s what also makes it exciting,” he explained. With the help of technology though, Vettel believes it is now possible to enjoy speed while enhancing safety.

Teams opt for ultrasoft tires for Austria race. The Austrian GP is coming soon, and the teams have revealed they are going to depend on a lot of ultrasofts for the said race weekend. According to Pirelli, Mercedes opted for eight sets each of ultrasofts for their drivers while Ferrari is going for nine sets each.

Meanwhile, both Red Bull and Williams have opted for seven sets of ultrasofts for each of their drivers. The Austrian Grand Prix happens on July 3.

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