Formula 1 News: Jenson Button Says Fernando Alonso Could Have Used Halo In Crash

Formula 1 News: Jenson Button Says Fernando Alonso Could Have Used Halo In Crash
Fernando Alonso

After McLaren teammate Fernando Alonso suffers a spectacular crash following his car’s contact with Esteban Gutierrez during the Australian Grand Prix, Jenson Button believes that Alonso could have benefited from a halo at that time.


It was lap 14 when things when horribly wrong as Alonso’s McLaren ended up clipping the left rear of Gutierrez’s Haas as both drivers approached Turn 3. The contact was enough to send Alonso pitching into the wall. Afterwards, the two-time world champion ended airborne as his car barreled twice across the gravel trap. Thankfully, Alonso managed to get out of his car and even walk away from the incident. Gutierrez too, emerged unharmed.

“We both tried to fight and obviously sometimes we forget we are at 300km/h and every little crash can become much bigger,” Alonso remarked after the spectacular season opener crash. Nonetheless, he admitted that the moment was frightening. “It was a scary moment, a scary crash. You see the sky, the ground, the sky, you want to stop.”

Moreover, he said there are no hard feelings between him and Gutierrez following the incident. After Alonso’s car stopped by the barrier, Gutierrez walked over to Alonso as he himself managed to step out of his car. The two made their way back to the pits together.

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According to Button, the halo could have helped Alonso during the said crash. “He was upside down when he landed and if he had the halo it would have helped him,” he explained to The Guardian. Moreover, Button also believes that had a halo been installed on Alonso’s car at that time, there would have been less impact on his helmet as the car landed upside down. According to Formula 1, the halo is one of the changes due to be introduced to the sport in 2017.

As for Alonso, the Spaniard said he still “hurts a bit.” Nonetheless, he doesn’t think he was hurt seriously. “I’ll need some ice but other than that, all fine.”

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