Formula 1 News: Hamilton Thanks Rosberg For Being A Gentleman, Verstappen Says Monaco Crash Part Of Learning Curve, & More

Formula 1 News: Hamilton Thanks Rosberg For Being A Gentleman, Verstappen Says Monaco Crash Part Of Learning Curve, & More
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Lewis Hamilton thanks Nico Rosberg for being a gentleman during the Monaco Grand Prix. The reigning world champion has nothing but gratitude for his teammate after Rosberg let him pass during the Monaco race when it was discovered that Rosberg’s car could not be pushed to go further.


The team had ordered Rosberg to let Hamilton pass, and team boss Toto Wolff said that Rosberg yielded his position to Hamilton without question. After securing his first win for the season, Sky Sports reports that Hamilton expressed his thanks to his teammate. According to Hamilton, “I said ‘thanks for being a gentleman.'”

Max Verstappen says the Monaco crash was part of his learning curve. The qualifying session in Monaco was unfortunate for Verstappen who had scored his first Formula 1 victory in Spain a few weeks ago. Nonetheless, he’d rather think of his incident as being part of his learning curve. Following the Monaco weekend, he said, “I learned a lot of things – the first to stay out of the wall.”

Daniel Ricciardo believes he “should be getting more rewarded.” The Aussie knows that he has a good car, but most of all, he believes his driving is good enough to get him to victory. It’s just that recently, things don’t seem to be in his favor.

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Following a rather disappointing race weekend in Monaco, Ricciardo told The Telegraph, “Part of the frustrating thing is that I really do believe, and I’ve believed it for a long time – I don’t want to say it because it’s arrogant – but I believe a lot in my ability.”

Ricciardo nearly scored a win in Monaco, but lost the pole to Hamilton after the team had delayed him during what should have been a routine tire change.

Sebastian Vettel blames self for not winning the Monaco Grand Prix. The Ferrari driver and four-time world champion is all about holding himself accountable especially when he had earlier remarked that he would be able to win the Monaco race. According to a report from The Checkered Flag, Vettel admitted that they had failed to put the car “in the place where belong.”

“But the rest is up to me and I apologize because I couldn’t get to the podium,” he said.

Haas and Renault hold off on supersofts for upcoming Canadian Grand Prix. The Canada race is almost here and Haas and Renault are the only teams who decided to use Pirelli supersofts at all during the upcoming race weekend. Meanwhile, Mercedes opted to keep two supersofts sets for each of their drivers while Ferrari ordered for three.

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