Former U.S. Pres Bill Clinton Might Stop Making Money By Giving Speeches, Explains Why Sponsors Are Dropping Support To CGI

Former U.S. Pres Bill Clinton Might Stop Making Money By Giving Speeches, Explains Why Sponsors Are Dropping Support To CGI
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Former United States President Bill Clinton announced he will aptly stop earning money from delivering speeches should wife Hillary Clinton win the White House.


For many months even before Hillary announced her presidential intent, the couple has been hurled with controversies and criticisms concerning Clinton foundation and the fact that Hillary deleted her emails when she was still the state secretary.

Bill Clinton receives $250,000 on average per speech. The statement came when Bloomberg Television asked the former U.S. president — during a Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) America meeting on Wednesday in Denver — if he would continue giving speeches when Hillary Clinton elected as president

Clinton said, “I don’t think so” and reasoned out saying,“Because once you get to be president, then you are just making a daily story.”

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However, he was quick to qualify his statement that he will not totally eschew on public speaking.

“I will still give speeches though on the subjects I’m interested in. I’ve really enjoyed those things,” Clinton quipped.

Clinton also said that should his wife win the U.S Presidential Election in 2016, it “would be a very good thing for America.” By then, Hillary would have to decide on what is best for Bill and how best to use him.

Can’t Be Involved In Modern Politics Without Somebody Attacking

In the Bloomberg interview, Clinton explained on why a few of CGI sponsors since 2001 have announced they are dropping the foundation, such as the ExxonMobil. He said they [sponsors] “don’t want to be involved in politics.”

Clinton added that while they don’t think the Clintons were ever political, there never had a foundation “with a prominent political person involved in” that had been “more non-political.”

All about Hillary Clinton

While people donate money to Clinton Foundation, the people behind the foundation are tasked to solve problems. But according to Clinton on Bloomberg interview, “there are people who just don’t like bad press. And you can’t be involved in modern American politics without somebody attacking you.”

To date, Hillary Clinton is among the strongest Presidential hopefuls representing the Democrats. Should she win the presidential race, she would be the first female president of the United States.