Following Costly Emissions Scandal, Volkswagen Thinks Electric Is The Way To Go

Following Costly Emissions Scandal, Volkswagen Thinks Electric Is The Way To Go
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In the wake of an emissions scandal that rocked Volkswagen at its core, the company’s newly formed Volkswagen Brand Board of Management had announced that it had made some “strategic decisions” at a recent meeting in order to discuss the next steps for the company, especially when it comes to its diesel passenger cars.


Volkswagen new Chief Executive Officer Dr. Herbert Diess has said that the company is determined to work on “repositioning itself for the future.” This means putting focus on its product range as well as core technologies. Meanwhile, as far as technologies go, it is also hoped that they can help speed up the company’s efficiency program.

The new strategy involves paving way to create a “standardized electric architecture” for both the company’s passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. And in view of this, Volkswagen says that its new Phaeton model will be electric. As a way to further realize this goal, the company has also announced the further development of its Modular Transverse Toolkit (MQB), which focuses on developing plug-in hybrids that utilizes a 48-volt power supply system and is capable of a traveling a radius of up to 300 kilometers.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen is also looking into utilizing an MEB electrical toolkit in the future to be used in its compact segment vehicles. This system will be made suitable for Volkswagen vehicles of any size or type. Moreover, it will make the vehicles capable of reaching an all-electric range between 250 and 500 kilometers.

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On the other hand, Volkswagen also assures everyone that moving forward, the automaker shall only equip its vehicles with exhaust emissions systems that utilize the best environmental technology.