Fly High America— Triple Treat Under Obama’s Administration

Fly High America— Triple Treat Under Obama’s Administration
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America seems to be doing it right lately when the final arbiter of legal disputes made rulings in favor of the masses, several months before the 2016 Presidential Elections — that from a quick perspective, wrap up President Barack Obama’s presidency, while smoothening the political path to be in line with Democrat’s presidential bid.


In the middle of June, Uber Technologies, Inc lost its legal battle on the first level when Labor Commissioner’s Office of the State of California ruled in favor of one of its drivers, whom Uber contended were independent contractors, instead of regular employees.

The Labor Officer, citing the 1991 Yellow Cab Cooperative case, put down doubts on the rights of the labor sector and ordered Uber to pay the driver reimbursable business expenses, which consist really of a meager amount, but when taken in its entirety, appear to be a victory among the lowly Americans.

In penning the decision — which is still subject to the appellate Court’s independent ruling, of course — the labor officer expounded that even a minimal degree of control over a worker’s activities would suffice to make the employer — Uber in this case — in total control of the entire operations.

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But like what TechCrunch opined, so much work ought to be done for the labor industry to truly enjoy what it rightfully deserves. It also casts necessity to make changes on the part of employers in drafting future contracts.

Obamacare is seen to be an ‘unnecessary evil’ among the rich when a provision was challenged, allowing the government to provide subsidies to deserving ones. Nonetheless, the Supreme Court finally declared such assailed provision to be constitutional and therefore, laid down a strong foundation for the healthcare of the low-income Americans that no President after Mr. Obama could ever shatter very easily.

In ruling favorably to healthcare subsidy recipients, the Supreme Court categorically declared it as what the law is, leaving no room for interpretation.

Obamacare is indeed among the legacies of the first Afro-American President of this country.

Perhaps, of greater importance is the victory of the LGBT community when last Friday, June 26, the Supreme Court ultimately settled the issue that has long plagued our friends from the LGBT community and declared to be their right to marry anywhere in the 50 states.

Though other countries already legalized same-sex marriage (which in context makes it predictable for America to follow suit), the recent declaration was not given a kind reception especially from conservatives and faith-based institutions, particularly the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

But while the dissenting opinion of four Supreme Court Justices was equally substantial, times have changed, and some changes took place not in people’s views, but on how people react on such views.

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