Flow, Microsoft Chat App For Outlook Comes To iOS With Basic Features

Flow, Microsoft Chat App For Outlook Comes To iOS With Basic Features
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Microsoft has launched a new chat app for Outlook users, which is currently only available for the iOS. The app is named Flow and it will be an engaging app that will only require an email address to log in.


The new chat app from Microsoft is released with some basic functions for the time being, and it is still in the developing stage. It uses the existing infrastructure of email to power the app and works as a micro-email app. However, if email exchange is not started in Flow, it will be hidden.

Conversation via email becomes easy with Flow. The interface of the app looks more like any other messaging apps in stores but the only difference is that it will land straight to your mailbox. You will be able to track the communication later. You can continue your conversation either with Outlook or with Flow.

Earlier on May 19, there was a Twitter post revealing the availability of the app. Many users checked Microsoft Flow then and found that it is only available for iOS devices. New features of the app are expected to be added later on.

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It’s still not known when the app will be available for other platforms, especially Windows 10. For the time being, iOS users are getting the privilege.