Florida Man Who Flew Across Washington, D.C. Faces Charges

Florida Man Who Flew Across Washington, D.C. Faces Charges
The White House Southside Autumn www.GlynLowe.com/Flickr CC BY 2.0

A Florida man named Douglas Mark Hughes, 61, had known he would be interrupted by security officials when he flew a small gyrocopter past protected airspace and landed on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol last week. He was fully sure he would be stopped from flying across as it would raise security concerns, according to Reuters.


Hughes, a postal service mail carrier, landed on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol and tried to deliver posts to 535 members of Congress.

His closest friend, Mike Shanahan, was totally shocked to learn about this.

“My biggest fear was he was going to get killed,” said Shanahan, who works with Hughes at the Postal Service.

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“No sane person would do what I’m doing,” Hughes told the Tampa Bay Times, a week before flying off.

He said he had done this because the United States is “heading full-throttle toward a breakdown.”

“There’s no question that we need government, but we don’t have to accept that it’s a corrupt government that sells out to the highest bidder,” Hughes said.

After accomplishing his mission, Hughes talked to reporters outside his home.

“I had expected to be intercepted on the way.”

“People were not frightened at all,” he said. “I waved back. That part of it was surreal.”

Hughes faces a charge of four years imprisonment for violating national security. He was sent back to Florida but was put under house arrest. He will be back in Washington for an initial hearing scheduled on May 8.

“We’ve got bigger problems in this country than fussing about whether or not the security around D.C. is ironclad,” he told the reporters who gathered at his home. “We need to be worried about the piles of money that are going into Congress.”


  • Paolo

    This is great. He should be charged and there should be a very public trial, at the end of which he should be convicted but sentenced to no jail time.

    The more that can be done to bring attention to his message the better. If he needs money to pay lawyers then we’ll crowd fund him. Actually, some really good lawyer should take how case pro-bono. Not to get him acquitted but to make sure the govt. doesn’t bury the issue.

    Hughes’ act was a classic display of non-violent civil disobedience. He must insist on a trial and practically insist that he is convicted. He did break the law. No plea bargaining etc. This is not about security in DC.

  • bruce7200

    Bravo Mr Hughes! A very bold way to bring the corruption of congress to the attention of the people. Did the mail you brought to Washington get delivered and if so when can we expect a response from these so called leaders of our country