‘Flash’ Season 2 Spoilers, Killer Frost Will Be In Action

‘Flash’ Season 2 Spoilers, Killer Frost Will Be In Action

“Flash” is moving towards its second season. The first season of the show got alive when Barry Allen played by Grant Gustin woke up from his coma. He was hit by lighting and thus got a special speed power. His secret was shared by his two best friends, Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon.


The three friends fought the super villains throughout the 1st season of “Flash.” The last episode of the first season gave a glimpse of Jay Garrick, a character played by Teddy Sears. Jay talked about a danger to Barry and his friends that he cannot stop all alone.

Caitlin Snow is going to become Killer Frost in the show and that can be really interesting. According to her, “I think the thing to keep in mind is when Barry ran through time at the end of season one, he saw a glimpse into the future and different versions of the future. There’s no telling how far into the future it is, so I can’t say with any amount of confidence whether or not that’s happening this year, but just know that personally I’m so excited about it. I cannot wait to get here.”

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Danielle Panabaker has also revealed how the costume and all were finalized. She mentioned, “It started as a little pixie wig but we — myself, Sarah [Koppes] who does our hair and Andrew Kreisberg our executive producer — all collaborated we definitely felt that it should be longer.”

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Captain Cold is going to get kidnapped in the show. Barry and its group will have to form an alliance with his sister, but there will be a probability of double cross.

As per the “Flash” Season 2 spoilers the show is moving towards more drama and super heroic acts for the new season. The show is going to premier on 6th October at 8 pm on 7c.