‘The Flash’ Season 2 Finale: Man In The Iron Mask Is Who???

‘The Flash’ Season 2 Finale: Man In The Iron Mask Is Who???
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Mega “The Flash” Season 2 finale spoilers coming up. You have been warned. The identity of the man in the iron mask was revealed in the finale episode of “The Flash,” and you will never guess who it is!


‘The Flash’ Season 2 Finale Review

The Flash, as a superhero series, was never really known for its emotional layers or character depth, unlike its DC counterpart Arrow. Well, this view of the series certainly got challenged in the season 2 finale.

The Flash and his nemesis, Zoom, raced each other, and despite being an emotional wreck, Barry focused his energy on getting the better of Zoom, which was not only because he wanted to avenge his father’s death, but also because he wanted to thwart Hunter Zolomon’s plans to destroy the “multiverse.”

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Barry had to create and sacrifice his own time remnant (a trick he learns from Zoom earlier in the episode), which allows him to defeat Zoom in the race.

The Flash Season Finale Spoilers

After the thrilling arrest of Zoom by the “enforcers” of the speed force, here comes the big reveal – as the creators of The Flash had promised to do. The man behind the iron mask, who was kept imprisoned by Zoom in Earth 2 turned out to be – and brace yourselves for this – Jay Garrick, who looks like Barry’s recently deceased father, Henry Allen, reports Variety. Oh, and he is also a speedster from Earth 3!

John Wesley Shipp, who plays Henry Allen on “The Flash,” told IGN that the twist was set to blow the minds of DC comics fans. And this is where the metaphorical layers come in. As MNU had already predicted in a post earlier, the character of Henry Allen was definitely on the cards, and perhaps the best option to go for when it comes to the man in the iron mask.

Why? Jay Garrick was the “Original Flash,” as far as the DC comics go. To showcase the character through a villain, who had simply taken his name, was not enough. Secondly, Jay Garrick was played by John Wesley Shipp back in 1990 in “The Flash” series that aired on CBS.

So this means he will be reprising his role as The Flash after 25 years! And third, he is Barry’s deceased father’s doppelganger, which brings back a whole lot of emotions for Barry, which would play a vital role in “The Flash” Season 3.

This is what John Wesley Shipp told IGN about the big reveal:

“You know, it’s very surreal. I remember after we did the last shot in 1991 and I ripped the gold wings off and threw them in the air — and Mark Hamill actually retrieved them and still has them — I was sort of like, “You know what, I will never, ever get into another superhero costume ever again.” This just goes to show you never say never, you know?”

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