The Flash Movie Supervillians Confirmed: Golden Glider And Captain Cold?

The Flash Movie Supervillians Confirmed: Golden Glider And Captain Cold?
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Warner Bros. upcoming title The Flash is currently at its early stages of development under director Rick Famuyiwa. But it looks like DCEU has already started to choose its antagonists from DC Universe.


Earlier this week, a credible source confirmed that Rogues will be appearing in The flash movie. While Villains like Captain Boomerang had already been teased to appear in the film through Suicide Squad, fans believed Zoom/Yellow Flash could be the only main nemesis to go up against against Barry Allen.

Recently, Mashable Senior Film Reporter Jeff Sneider confirmed that “Golden Glider and her bro Captain Cold” will be the duo supervillians in The Flash movie. Check out his tweet below.

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Captain Cold and Golden Glider are infamous recurring villains in DC TV series The Flash. However, there evil presence weren’t as chaotic as Zoom or Jay Garrick.

While The Rogues have been confirmed by multiple reports to appear in the upcoming speedster movie, it looks like they won’t be the main threat for the speedster. Fans are still expecting DCEU to reveal Zoom as the main villain.

As of now, there have been no reports on the casting details. Earlier it was confirmed that Kiersey Clemons would be playing her role as Iris West in the movie. furthermore, Ray Fisher would also be appearing as Cyborg as well.

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Currently, Warner Bros hasn’t officially confirmed or made announcements on the flash movie. Furthermore, it is also possible that DCEU would introduces The Flash’s Rogue villains as cameo in Justice League

The flash movie will be releasing in 2018, currently its exact dates are unconfirmed. However, fans will be seeing Ezra Miller in action as the speedster in Justice League movie.

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