‘The Flash’ Movie Spoiler: Ezra Miller’s Costume Inspiration Spotted, Easter Egg Suggests Superman?

‘The Flash’ Movie Spoiler: Ezra Miller’s Costume Inspiration Spotted, Easter Egg Suggests Superman?
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The recently released Justice League teaser trailer has caused a lot of buzz on the internet.


In a footage released by Zack Snyder, it’s evident that Jason Momoa’s Aquaman has met fans’ expectation. While Ezra Miller’s Flash has received mixed responses, fans were willing to share more constructive criticism for the DC superhero.

While the Warner Bros panel at SDCC did confirm that movies like The Batman and The Flash are in progress by their respective directors, fans didn’t get anything more than that. Fortunately, a YouTuber has spotted an important easter egg from the Justice League teaser trailer.

JaeRoar released a video of a breakdown analysis of the teaser trailer. While the user spotted many references, his attention centers on The Flash.

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At 5:25 in the video below, JaeRoar pauses at the moment Bruce Wayne throws a batarang at Barry Allen. The video points out a secret reference behind the mechanical costume. Fans can see sketches or blueprints of the suit and the symbol of the Man of Steel on the wall.

It could be possible that the mechanical suit of The Flash was inspired from Superman’s costume. Furthermore, fans can see The Flash’s logo centered on the costume, similar to that of Superman.

In an earlier report, the costume was in fact the initial suit created by The Flash himself. But it was also confirmed previously that Bruce Wayne will be creating another suit for Barry Allen.

Directed by Rick Famuyiwa, The Flash movie will be released on March 16, 2018.

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