‘Flash’ And ‘Arrow’ Crossover Offers Shocking Moments

‘Flash’ And ‘Arrow’ Crossover Offers Shocking Moments
Photo Credit: Naud/ via Compfight cc
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This year’s “Flash” and “Arrow” crossover has already commenced. The two small-screen superheroes come face-to-face in “Legends of Today.”


The crossover does not only feature Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell in their roles. It also includes Hawkman, Hawkgirl and Vandal Savage. The trio did the trick to make the show even more intriguing. This is the second annual “Flash” and “Arrow” crossover. The previous one was shown when “Flash” was just a few weeks old. The crossover was given a movie-like feel which has to be recognized.

The episode on Tuesday night had twists and turns. Patty does not know the existence of Earth-2 doppelgangers yet. She mistakenly thought Harrison Wells was holding a gun. It was almost fatal. Hawkgirl has emerged with her superpower. Jay Garrick regained super-speed thanks to the application of Vector 6. He is going to save his rival’s life with the power.

The hero of Flash had an encounter with the antagonist of “Arrow.” The entry of Vandal Savage was also remarkable in the crossover. The trickiest point of the crossover came when Oliver got a glimpse of his son. In “Arrow” season 2, it was revealed that he has a son with his ex-girlfriend.

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Oliver’s mother paid $1 million to the lady to keep him unaware of the fact. The lady and the son now live in Central City which is also the home of Flash. Is the new revelation going to change Oliver’s life?

The crossover brings more stories. The high-budget crossover on TV seeks to get attention. Stay tuned as we bring more news.